A Northener in London

So I moved to London from Hull in September 2012 to do a one year foundation course in dance and musical theatre. I love it, I’m honestly having the time of my life. However there is a distinct lack of northerners on my course, out of about 20 of us only around a quarter are from up north and at first that was absolutely fine. As time went by I realised that my accent really isn’t a generic ‘Northern’ accent and most of the time I just sound like I’m drunk or taking the piss, which didn’t serve me well when doing a monologue about bonobos.
For anyone who doesn’t know, a bonobo is like a monkey or is a monkey or something like that but that doesn’t really matter. So anyway at the beginning of the course we each had to do a modern monologue to be assessed on and at first I chose a monologue from ‘DNA’ by Dennis Kelly which to be honest was an easy way out because I was in a version of the play a couple of months before. The monologue I chose was about bonobos and used the word bonobo maybe too many times because it turns out that the correct pronunciation of bonobo is [buh-noh-boh-] not [beh-ner-ber] as I seem to pronounce it in my beautiful Hull accent. Long story short, I’m regularly greeted with the word ‘benerber’ and I will NEVER do that monologue again.